In association with the multidisciplinary seminar in early November, BEDLAN is also organising a multidisciplinary course on human evolution and cultural change at the University of Turku, from Oct 30th - Dec 18th.

All details below plus schedule and topics are also available as a flyer!

Please display/distribute around your department.

The course is aimed at both students and researchers interested in integrating human biological evolution and cultural history and change.  In addition to lectures, the course will include hands-on practicals, both being specifically designed for students from a multidisciplinary background, so do not worry about being confused by ideas and jargon from a field other than your own!

Students enrolled at the University of Turku who take the course may count it toward their major in biology, geography, archaeology, Finnish language and Finno-Ugric languages or history.

The course is also open to students from outside UTU, and lectures will be live streamed for those who cannot easily physically attend every day.