BEDLAN is committed to making the data used for our analyses freely available to the academic community, so that our findings can replicated and extended.


UraLex basic vocabulary dataset (v1.0)

UraLex is a dataset consisting of lexical reflexes of 313 meanings from 26 Uralic languages. Most of the meanings originate from standardized basic vocabulary lists. The lexical reflexes are accompanied by multistate characters that represent their historical relationships.

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Syrjänen, Kaj, Lehtinen, Jyri, Vesakoski, Outi, de Heer, Mervi, Suutari, Toni, Dunn, Michael, Määttä, Urho, Leino, Unni-Päivä. (2018). lexibank/uralex: UraLex basic vocabulary dataset. DOI:10.5281/zenodo.1459402


During the course of 2018, we intend to release the following datasets: